Mom starts playing the piano, and her parrot is by the window. Now, watch what happens!

Do you know anyone who has birds as pets? My mother used to be a bird person. She started with only one bird and soon after, she had over 30. We had a big yard in the house and she would have the birdcages everywhere. She didn’t believe in cages that much, so one day she let them free. The funny thing was that some of them left but came back. I guess they liked the company.

After having had a lot of birds, I started getting more interested in bigger birds. One day, we went to the pet store to get something for the dog, when I saw a parrot. The parrot looked very nice. It had multi-colored feathers and could do some tricks. Besides taking stuff out of little boxes and playing with a horn, he could also repeat some words.

I knew that they could do that, but this bird had memorized a large number of words. The people at the pet store talked to the bird as if he was a human, and the bird would answer spontaneously. For instance, they would say something like, “Hey Sean, how are you?” The bird would then answer, “I’m tired, man, let’s go home.”

This would get the customers in the store laughing. I thought it was pretty cool and even asked the staff how long it could take a bird to learn to talk like that. They told me the birds were actually very fast learners. I tried talking to the bird myself and got a couple of funny responses. Like, I asked the bird, “Hey Sean, what time is it?” And the bird responded, “I don’t know, ask Larry.”

The bird was hilarious, and I wanted to take it home, but it turns out that he wasn’t for sale. They had other parrots who were younger. I talked my parents into getting one and we finally did about 6 months later. My mother loved the bird and taught him to say funny things. We would play with the bird and feed him between my brothers and me.

The next video also features a parrot. It’s a gray parrot in fact. His owner is about to start to play the piano and you can see the bird in one of the branches of an indoor plant. The music starts playing and just when you think that he will start to say something funny, he starts doing something even better!