A nurse films a newborn clinging to mom’s face in an image that has melted hearts everywhere!

Giving birth is one of the most wonderful experiences a woman can have. For many women, this is the crowning experience of their lives, especially if they are spiritual. Ever since the beginning of time, people looked up to their deities for guidance, and most of the times they would be instructed to go to another land and populate the earth. It seems that a civilization’s destiny would be tied to their multiplying.

Now, this doesn’t mean that giving birth would only be this mechanical process to give the land more ‘soldiers’. All throughout history, giving birth has been something that has been a focus both of science and the spiritual. Science has covered all the corners of what bearing a child and giving birth means to the mother. But, what happens with the spiritual part?

There is undoubtedly a connection, a bond if you will, that forms between the mother and the unborn child. Many people argue when it is that this bond takes place. Is it at the time of conceiving? Or, is it when the fetus is better formed? Many religions consider that a baby has life before he or she is even a fetus. They believe that it is from the moment that the sperm joins with the egg and is traveling to the womb. Babies are hearing the mother all day. They can hear when the mother wakes up, takes a shower and talks to people.

A good part of this bond takes place while the baby eats. Many people believe that cravings that happen at the time of pregnancy, are really the baby just telling the mother what he or she would like to eat in that moment. So, if the baby ‘wants’ something sweet, the mother will have a craving for some pie, cake, or some dessert. When the baby is finally born, the mother sees and feels it as a culmination of a wonderful journey. The baby’s instinct the minute he or she is born, is to be close to the mother. Doctors around the world will put the baby on the mother’s chest.

The next video will make your heart melt. A woman in Brazil has just given birth to a beautiful baby boy. The doctors cut the umbilical cord and clean the baby for the mother. Then, they place the baby on the mother’s chest, but what happens next? When the doctors try to take the baby away, the baby hangs on to the mother. It looks as if the baby doesn’t want to let her go. Are you ready for a jumbo dose of cuteness? Just click on the video!