Pit bull patiently waits his turn at ice cream truck to get his treat. How cute is that??

Kids love candy and ice cream. That’s universal knowledge to me. But did you know any dog that had a sweet tooth as well? Well, this pit bull certainly was like the child on the block who wanted his share of the cold treat that summer day. After all, who said only kids must have all the fun?

Do you remember the time when the ice cream truck rolled around and you ran to it with precious money held in your hand? Or you pestered your folks until they bought ice cream for you? Well, this pit bull sure gave puppy dog eyes until his owner gave in. Watch this video to melt your heart and fall in love with dogs all over again.

This video shows an adorable dog patiently waiting his turn to get a treat from the ice cream truck. I have to admit, the discipline the super excited dog shows is amazing, considering that he looks like he wants to leap onto the truck to grab the treats for himself. But for all the patience that he displays when waiting disappears once the treat is finally accessible to him.

Watch him gobble down the ice cream in seconds as he takes big gulps of the yummy treat. The other customer in the frame is amazed by the dog and the niceness of the owner and comments that he is one lucky dog, and I have to agree, he most definitely is.

Wow. Watching this video has made me long for a treat as well. Share this video with your friends to get a few laughs and message us if you have similar stories that you would like to share with us. We love hearing from you! Post your comments in the section below.