“Please Only Wake Me Up If You Are Going To Feed Me,” Said The Pig To The Owner.

This pig is obviously used to a life better than mine. Snooze all day and someone gets you food while you nap? That sounds like luxury to me! But there are certain rules for a napping pig. What could they be?

Well, the only acceptable reason to wake up a snoozing piggy is for food. What eels could there be? Watch this video to see how the pig snoozes with his nose seemingly sniffing as it breathes. It’s amazing how its nose picks up the cookie’s scent as his human brings the treat close to its mouth.

The pig opens his mouth, in pops the cookie and the pig continues to snooze underneath the blanket, happily crunching away on his cookie. This bed snack was good, but not worth opening his eyes and getting out of bed it seems.

The piggy better be careful to make sure no crumbs fall down as he snoozes away. What a nice life! What do you guys think? Would you like to snooze all day too? Do you think food is an acceptable reason to wake up? Send in your thoughts on this video in the section below!

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