Police Officer Valiantly Saves Tiny Baby Girl. When He Gets a Call 20 Years Later, You Won’t Believe Who It’s From!

The Police will always be a source of many different opinions. There isn’t too much to argue about when someone needs help. Dutifully they will always arrive, upholding the law and making sure that all parties involved are taken care of in the best possible manner. With every day that passes, these boys in blue have done their best to uphold most laws.

This is a case like no other. Shammarah was in danger! She had the possibility of loss of life which spiked her father’s heart. The worry that your little girl was not going to be okay. To worry that your child wouldn’t make it is a position no one wants to be in. The feelings alone- just terrifying.

As each heart-wrenching moment passed, the officer worked fervently to save the small girls life. Upon receiving a call from her father the officer rushed down. He heard the tone of worry in the poor worried fathers heart. With every moment that passed, the chance for the young baby’s survival diminished.
With every passing moment, the father frantically worked to preserve the life that he has so dedicatedly desired to continue keeping her in this world

Upon arrival, the officer found the two huddled together. The man had been giving the baby girl CPR until Officer Barca arrived. Upon arrival, they got in the officer’s car and quickly headed to the hospital. By the time, they arrived, Shammarah was just fine. No further cause for concern here!

That day left everyone in a tizzy. Captain Barca remembers the day a bit different, he was said to say it was the “highlight of his career.” Twenty some odd years later the Captain received a phone call from little Shammarah. However, she isn’t so little anymore.

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