Rescued Baby Cow Thinks He’s One Of The Dogs. What He Does When No Is Looking? OMG!

I knew humans sometimes have an identity crisis during teenage years and they try really hard to understand their personality. They are trying to discover who they are and which tribe they belong to. However… I never knew that animals go through this stage as well!

This video features a little baby cow who is having an identity crisis. He thinks he is one of the dogs and acts like one. But you won’t believe what he finally did when his parents were out of the house. Hey, who can blame him!

Fun fact: Goliath, this baby cow in this video is a rescue. Some very kind and caring people rescued him and brought him home. As soon as Goliath came home, his new family’s Great Danes, Leonidas started nursing him. Because of this, Goliath began to think that he is one of the dogs. According to his owners, Goliath sometimes sneaks into the house and sleeps in the sofa. Not just that, he has even tried to eat dog food several times. Now, isn’t that something?

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