A Reunion Between Father And Child, A Delightful Surprise


Being a parent is hard, grueling work. To make sure that the child or baby you are taking care of grows up safe and stays alive are two of the more basic boundaries that most parents stay inside of. If this is easily achievable, it seems as though the next step is teaching them how to survive on their own after you are gone. If all of these can be done relatively simply, then how to be happy can be a great next level of interaction and love.

When the father daughter relationship is between different species, there are times where we all get that feeling in the pit of our stomach and thoughts in the back of our minds. “What if she doesn’t remember him?” Luckily one brave dad isn’t going to worry about things like this. He goes in to greet his now, larger daughter who seems to have a pretty healthy weight advantage over dad. This isn’t going to stop dad, as he goes in fearless even as she seems to approach to pounce on his.

The two have been together for quite some time, but took a small break or pause as dad had work to do. When he comes back to greet her, the reaction of this precious lioness will not only shock you, but fill your heart with love and compassion. I know when I first saw the two interact, the hugs they both give and receive are amazingly warm and loving.

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