Santa Starts On A Journey With A Reindeer. Where He Goes Is Just Amazing.


One of the best parts of Christmas is waiting for Santa. Whether you’re a child or if you have children of your own, it’s a wonderful tradition. The image of Santa flying around the world while being pulled by eight reindeer… it’s a lasting telling of how he’s able to pull off the feat of putting presents under every child’s tree. Even NORAD, the United States Defense system, gets in on the act. Though the Santa that we see in this video is a bit harder to track…

Santa leaves his house and apparently, he gave most of the reindeer the day off. There’s only one outside, ready to go. Santa’s large sleigh must be in the shop since he’s only got a toboggan ready to go. He’s also limited in what he can carry, so he replaces the large sack of toys with a more modest one that seems to only have one present in it. He’s not flying through the air, he’s taking a more scenic route.

This seems to be more about the journey than the destination for him. The path he takes has gorgeous scenery through a snow-covered forest. He’s apparently got the reindeer on a tight schedule – they just keep going and going and going, with Santa tugging on the reins to make him go faster sometimes. The temperatures look like they are well below freezing, but the duo is undeterred.

The only thing I didn’t like about the video is that there’s no definitive end. The two of them just keep on going until the video fades. Maybe that’s because the idea of Santa never ends. Christmas may come once a year, but the preparation is year-round. Kids aren’t just supposed to be good for the month of December… the idea is for them to be good year-round. So, the idea is that Santa never stops travelling and looking to see who is good and who is bad… nd that his work never ends.

I enjoyed this for the scenery – even though I am not a winter fan, per se. How about you? What did you think? Please leave a comment below!

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