He saw baby foxes playing in his backyard. Wait till you see what his camera captured next!

One of the cutest things in the whole wide world is definitely a baby fox. You are going to agree with me when you see the video featured below! They are like a supreme combo of a cat and a dog. What more would you need right? The following clip shows two playful baby foxes and it is the best thing I have seen today! This really made my day!

These tiny babies were captured in a backyard playing with a tennis ball (which apparently belongs to the resident dog). They really have the mannerisms of a cat and it’s so freaking cute! They are full of energy and curiosity! You just can’t help but melt when you see them play!

These foxes are just babies and it seems they have found a new toy to obsess over. I wondered if they had ever seen a tennis ball before as soon as I saw them playing with it. One of them won’t leave it alone and the other seems a bit afraid of it. But they are both having a good time in this back yard.

They are so playful and cute. It will make your day just watching them have fun. It is really troubling when we come to realize that people actually hunt these beautiful animals for their own greedy aims. I hope these two never fall victim to hunters.

Watch them play in the video below! Aren’t they adorable? Let us know how you felt watching it in the comments section!