Simon rolls his eyes when a little girl says she’ll sing a Celine Dion hit. That is, until she starts singing

Whenever I watch episodes of America’s Got Talent, I also like to watch the stories of the people that don’t make it. Many people would believe that just because you have a great singing voice, you’re going to go to the next round and that’s not true. Competition is very stiff, and the judges are looking for an astounding artist. But not only a great one, but an artist that has that extra special ingredient that’s so hard to come across.

In my time watching the competition, I’ve seen some cases that have very dramatic stories. There have been cases where the contestant has literally taken a leap of faith in going to one of the auditions. I remember the case of a young man who was working as an accountant. He was doing okay at his job but decided to risk it all to be able to pursue his dream.

He asked for a leave at work but was denied. He was told that the only way he could be off work, would be if he quit. That’s exactly what he did. He felt liberated and felt very sure of his decision. Even the judges were surprised that he had made such an abrupt decision. He started singing and he had a very good singing voice. Unfortunately, his talent would not be good enough to make it to the next round.

There was another case of a woman who was in serious financial straits. She had been going through some tough financial problems. She had already lost her home, and because she was under so much stress, she feared she would end up losing her job as well. Her boss told her to take a leave of absence to see if she could fix the stuff in her life. Her personal problems had started to affect her performance at work.

She took the leave of absence, so she could be in the show. When she told the judges her story, they were moved. Except for Simon, he figured that if the lady was not good enough, he would probably be the one telling her the sad news. He was always the villain anyway but felt the other judges were not being honest in their assessments.

And then, you have the case of Celine Tam. Celine is a little girl with a big personality. She walks up on the stage looking all confident and happy. From the very start of her story, you can pretty much figure out who her favorite singer is. Her name is Celine, her sister’s name is Dion, she will be singing a Celine Dion song, her parents love Celine Dion, etc. Simon starts rolling his eyes thinking this is going to be one of those auditions. That is until she starts singing!