A stray cat fell into a lynx’s enclosure — a zoo-goer’s video tells the incredible story

Life on the mean streets of St. Petersburg, Russia couldn’t have been easy for this calico cat. Finding food and water would have been a daily struggle and getting a little kindness and love almost impossible. When the cat crept into the zoo, it found food and drink. The only problem was that it had landed in the lynx’s enclosure! The people who saw this were afraid it wasn’t going to end well.

The lynx is a medium-sized cat, meaning that it’s much larger than a house cat but much smaller than a mountain lion. An adult lynx typically weighs between 40 and 65 pounds and is instantly recognizable thanks to its beautiful spotted fur, bobbed tail, and long black ear tufts. A forested area makes for the perfect lynx habitat: plenty of hiding places and abundant prey. A wild lynx’s diet mainly consists of small game like rabbits, hare, rodents, grouse, and the occasional red fox. Less commonly, a lynx will hunt deer or even swipe a sheep. They’re quite powerful for their size: one enterprising lynx managed to take down a large deer that was at least 5 times its own weight!

Returning to the story of the stray calico, the cat was just a youngster when it first appeared in the lynx’s enclosure. It’s possible this had something to do with how things turned out. Instead of making a quick lunch of the cat, the lynx took an almost maternal attitude toward it. As you’ll see in the video posted below, they’re a lot like a mother cat and her kitten as they lick each other, head-butt, and snuggle. The calico became a regular visitor, so zoo staff decided to let the pair stay together, providing each other with love and companionship.

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