Horse Surfers Comes To England

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This sport is a return to nature, and even though it looks like one of the most bizarre things you’ll ever see, it is reportedly exhilarating. As you see in this dynamic photo, only a short chord is between the daring surfer and the horse with rider. It is highly dangerous as such a speed. The surfer is being towed at speeds up to 35mph (56kph) through the fun waves.

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Bizarre but Really Cool Table-Chair Set

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Perhaps this table-and –chair set can be among the bizarre things man has made, but although strange looking when stacked as a capsule, isn’t it a practical invention?

Whomever invented this had a simple, but creative concept to create this wicker set. We’ve seen chairs stacked before, but this is so cool, and like a practical use of a puzzle. There have been many requests for this novel item, and the supplier is temporarily out of them.