Strange Animal Found In Minnesota

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Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is unable to identify a dead mammal found on a Minnesota road on July 31, 2011. This strange animal is all white with five front paw claws, a long tail, extremely long toenails, and a dark patch of hair on its back. Some residents in the area now believe the legendary chupacabra was discovered (a legendary blood-sucking creature).

While driving on County Road 86, near her home in Alexandria, Lacy Ilse spotted the stark white dead creature.

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The Strange Bird With A Moustache That Sounds Like A Cat

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Among the odd animals of the world, is the Inca Tern, Larosterna Inca, it looks as if it has a moustache and it sounds like a cat! It is a large seabird in the family Sternidae. It has the distinction of being the only bird of the genus Larosterna, and is also in near danger of extinction.

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