Theses Supermarket Cashiers Totally Perk Up Their Customers’ Day With A Little Surprise


Picture yourself standing in line at the supermarket. It’s boring, especially if you’re three carts or more from the cashier. To make matters worse, someone’s holding up the line because they are arguing with the cashier about a 10-cent differential. Don’t even think about trying to switch lanes, because it’ll be the same at every register.

The German supermarket Edeka saw this problem occurring at their stores and they thought they’d so something to cheer them up. No, they didn’t open any more registers. All of them were already in use. Instead, they had their cashiers perform a Christmas song by using the beeps as they rang up an item. Add a light show and the customers were thoroughly entertained. Watch their smiles as the performance continues.

It’s a great idea, but imagine if a supermarket in America tried to do that? The first thing out of many customers’ mouths would be asking to have those purchases voided since they were run through the scanner so many times. Others would be upset about any holdup. That said, if the supermarket, or any store, could rig it so those items wouldn’t be scanned during the performance, that would be great.

We live in a time where the interaction between customers and retail employees is at an all-time low. People are often on their phones while their items are being rung up and others think that they have the right to treat employees badly. Something like this, however brief, might be a good way to try to get the scales balanced again. It’s all about treating each other right, after all.

If you’re having a bad day or spent too long in line, just watch this video. I can’t stop smiling when I see it – I just love the coordination and creativity of this group. Hard to imagine how long they must have practiced. Leave a comment below!

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