Tim Conway and Harvey Korman do one of the funniest western skits. You will howl laughing.

Not to sound like one of those scam emails, but I’m writing this with tears in my eyes – tears from laughing so hard. This video, among many others that feature Tim Conway and Harvey Korman, are comedic treasures. I envy the people who got to watch this show when it originally aired. I saw bits and pieces of it when I was young, but I didn’t get the comedic nuances… and the internal game that was going on during the show.

The skit opens at a Western saloon. Cowboys and hookers are sitting or milling around the bar. The first sign that this isn’t going to be an ordinary Western is when one of the seated cowboys draws his gun and shoots at the piano player… who then starts playing faster.

Then a woman bursts into the saloon, yelling about a dastardly bank robber is on his way! Seconds later, the swinging doors burst open… and in strides Korman as the bank robber, appropriately wearing a black hat.

The second sign that this isn’t going to be your typical Western, Korman strides over to the bar and orders… a Mai Tai. Not exactly the drink of choice of a hardened bank robber. Vicky Lawrence, playing the madam of all the prostitutes, snarls that his kind isn’t welcome here. Korman’s robber doesn’t care a whit and looks to have a seat to gamble. Then, lo and behold.. the town’s sheriff is coming!

Well, they have to wait, since Conway’s lawman, is a doddering older man who can’t even push the saloon doors open. He has to climb under the doors. After standing up in front of the door, he gets knocked aside as the next patron enters…

Conway was a MASTER of physical comedy and he shows it as he tumbles onto the table and into an empty chair. My tears of laughter are already starting. I don’t want to spoil everything, but a hilarious card game, with Korman having to struggle against breaking character, and ensuing gun fight occur. Just watch.

You see, the internal game was that Conway made it his mission to make Korman laugh during every sketch. Watch them again, and see how many times he smirks or laughs. It adds SO mch to the viewing. What did you think? Let us know in the discussion area below.