A tiny piano player brings a Teddy Bear to comfort him. Now, wait until you hear him!

Something that I’ve liked to do ever since I was a child was trying to imagine how people that you see on the street could be in their everyday lives. I wondered what they did for a living if they went to school or not and what their favorite color was. Even with people I had just met. Because of the fact that I was very shy, I would try to decipher people I had just met.

This habit came in very handy as I would later find out. It taught me many things including how to read people and their body language. This got me interested in areas of psychology. The fact that I could learn all there was to learn about people’s habits, what originated them and why they acted the way that they did also teach me a great deal about myself.

For starters, I wanted to know why it was that I was so shy. Was it something that I was born with and that I would not be able to change? Or, was it a learned behavior that I could modify? One of the first things I learned about myself was that I had a burning desire to please my parents and to make them proud. This caused me to not feel ‘adequate’ in many situations.

Not feeling adequate led me to isolate myself from various situations where a crowd or audience were involved. My parents had never told me anything that would lead me to act this way, it was rather something I had decided to do on my own. Once I realized that it was easier for me to deal with it and break out of the bubble of shyness that I had created.

As soon as I learned what I needed for myself, I tried to ‘read’ other people. I would be accurate at times and miss a few things in other cases. I learned that some people develop the need for tokens as they grow up to feel comforted in times of crisis.

The following video features a young boy that is about to perform in front of a large audience. He brings a buddy of him to the recital to make him feel more comfortable. It’s his favorite teddy bear. He sits down and starts performing one of the most difficult musical pieces I have heard in a long time. He plays so well, he makes you forget he is only 8 years old!