Her Truck Was Totaled On A Country Road, Now See What A Stray Dog Does After Noticing Her Lifeless Body!

When Shannon was driving down a country road in Georgia, she was going far too quickly, before she realized it she was in trouble. She later heard that she had lost control of her truck and had flown out the window, and she landed where she wasn’t visible to passersby. No one noticed her truck when they drove past the crash on the side of the road. Moments after the horrible crash she felt breathing on her face and a presence.

A stray dog came mysteriously out of the woods and climbed into the back of her car. He began licking at her face and tugging at her lifeless body. What he did next is simply amazing, he dragged Shannon back to the road! A vehicle saw the scene and she was able to contact her spouse for help. She had a brain hemorrhage, and thankfully didn’t need any surgery. She truly believes that she would not be here today if it had not been for the stray dog who is a true hero. A search and rescue center later adopted the stray as they recognized the talent that was there for such work.

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