Two cats and one bowl of food doesn’t jive. See how this cat takes matter into its own paw, lol!

You may ask, what’s the point of messing with a cat when it’s eating?

The best and most straightforward answer is, of course, because it’s fun! As you can see in this video, it’s really kind of fun. The cats react with their strong paws and all sorts of noise, but fairly harmless. We can actually get away with it. It’d be scarier to do the same with a dog, with all that growling and snapping.

The thinking person’s answer, on the other hand, is to test the cat’s personality and to establish trust. I’d say it’s almost like a person touching his or her significant other affectionately in public. Your partner may or may not like public display of affection. If that’s the case, you’d know to keep it private. Either way, you’ll learn more about each other and maybe trust each other more.

Now, what about the curious action of giving two cats one bowl of food? The answer is, once again, because it’s fun!

What this video and you’ll agree that it’s not only fun, it’s actually funny. I have to laugh looking at the two cats that took turns pulling the bowl to itself for some private time with the food. How about the two black kittens with a big plate of food in front of them? How selfish and greedy they can be?

You know what? I think I’m going to get myself two cats just to try this at home.

I hope I have managed to convince some of you to make the commitment of getting two pet cats. Feel free to use the comments section below if you think I made a lot of sense. Thanks.