“Unadoptable” cat about to be put to sleep transformed by a little TLC


When an orange tabby named Benben arrived at the animal shelter, he had some serious injuries, including deep cuts, a cauliflower ear, and a crushed spine. The vets were pretty sure the poor fellow would never walk again. This meant he was “unadoptable” and would have to be put to sleep. During what everyone assumed were his final days, Benben seemed to know his fate. He looked incredibly unhappy, and wasn’t eating or drinking. He was just lying there in his cage looking miserable. In fact, a photo of him that was posted on-line had people calling him “the saddest cat on the internet.”

Only one day before Benben was due to be euthanized, someone came to have a look at him. She worked as an emergency room veterinarian’s assistant and knew a thing or two about cats. What she saw was a cat who needed a home and lots of tender loving care. She decided to adopt this “unadoptable” cat!

Just an hour after arriving at his new forever home, Benben was already a whole new cat. He looked happier, started purring, and even wanted to cuddle. Just knowing that he was safe and loved made a huge difference. The really incredible thing is that, contrary to the vets’ assumption that he’d never be able to walk, Benben eventually was back on his feet. His recovery took months, but he was able to run and (within limits) jump. It was miraculous: from “the saddest cat on the internet” to a happy life of napping, playing, and trying to get at his human mom’s food.

Check out the video posted below to learn more about Benben’s adoption and amazing recovery. As you’ll see, a little love goes a long way.

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