Unrelenting Bullies Corner Ty. Two Year Persistent Pattern of Torture Pushes Ty to the Coroner!


Bullying has recently become a bit more fought against as of recent years, Of course, bullying has been discouraged, but it’s gotten more attention and been recognized as a very real problem in our schools with life-altering results if left unchecked. With technology advancing we’ve seen more evidence of a different kind of bullying. Cyber bullying reared its head and was identified as a contemporary problem. With more invasive attacks to one’s psyche that proved unceasing. Various social media has rendered us rather well connected and some choose to exploit this connection for their own continuous destructive, psychological attacks.

Kirk Smalley was deeply involved in his lovable son’s life. From coaching the spunky chap’s sports teams to help with homework, the touch of a loving father was evident in young Ty’s life. The bond of father and son has and always will be a strong one. When that loving bond is severed, we see the effects ripple. It resonates throughout the community, changing it forever. Smalley knew his son wasn’t an angel, but Ty was Kirk’s angel. A month after the day most fathers receive thanks, Kirk was met with the most crushing news.

Coming home one day expecting to find his son playing video games or doing his homework, was met with the most heart-crushing sight. On the floor of Smalley’s bedroom, there lie his son. Smalley rushed to his son’s side, inspecting the bleeding and motionless baby boy. Devastated, the father hasn’t really left that day. However, his voice is no longer silent- he decided to make sure this horrific event never happened again. Made sure that no father would lose their source of pride and joy to such a caustic and life-altering death.

“I Stand for The Silent” is the group Smalley and his wife created. They have had quite an impact, providing their message to upwards of 700,000 parents, staff, and most importantly, students. Since they’ve started, the duos unfaltering commitment made it necessary to dip into their savings. They hope to raise awareness and get funding for their continued message of peace. In fact, Smalley insists that children attend, so he can get them to start listening to the very cold reality of the world. So, they might avoid the same fate his son met in 2010.

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