When this girl bowed to this dog, nobody ever expected the dog to do this!

If dogs are trained properly, then there is nothing they can’t achieve. There are many videos on the internet which prove this fact.

Even an 11-week old little pup can be trained to do tricks with a lot of treats and patience. This video features a dog that has been trained to dance with his owner. Yes… you heard me right! This dog in this video dances like a pro.

The video is from a dog competition Eurasia dog show which is held annually. We see a young participant dressed in white who performs a beautiful dance piece along with her dog. With this routine, they both enchant the crowd and the judges in an instance.

By the way, as you watch the video you might want to turn up your speakers? ABBA fans of yesteryear will not be disappointed. This definitely brings back some memories.

Well watch the video and then you tell me: Did this dancing doggy duo impress you? Share your thoughts about this video in the discussion area.  We’d love to hear from you!