When Winnie the cute kitten starts hearing his favorite song… watch out!

Who doesn’t love a funny animal music video? There are dozens and dozens of finds out there showing what it takes to bust a move in the animal kingdom. Which is your favorite? When I started watching animal music videos it was just dogs. People have all sorts of pets and love performing with them in front of the camera. They also love having them perform.

Who would’ve thought so many changes could take place in such a brief time? Well, this video is not going to be about dogs it’s going to be about cats. And a very special one you just must meet. Cats have been our mascots for many years. There are a lot of myths about cats that people were not into house pets tend to have. One of them is that cats are not very tidy. On the contrary, they are among the cleanest species around. You don’t need many things if you’re planning on adopting a cat.

The first thing you need is a litter box. Just put some sand there and you’re going to be good to go. Many people who want to have a pet inside the house worry about their homes tidiness. After all, their animals, right? This means that they must be dirty. For cats, the only thing they need is to have a little bit of sand into one see a dirty house the rest of your life. It’s that simple.

Besides that, cats don’t need that much space. Because of their size, any decent size home or even an apartment will do. You don’t really need to take them on walks every single day like you would put a dog. They get their daily exercise wondering around the house. So, forget about having to feel exhausted after a long walk. Sit down and enjoy some nice snooze-time for yourself.

As you will sing the following video cats can very well entertain themselves. They enjoy many of the things that we do. One of them is music. As soon as Bruno Mars smash hit “uptown funk” starts playing, the Starts bobbing his head to the rhythm.

This kitty can go all day. The owner says that it’s his favorite singer and that’s his favorite song. The kitty had performed for his owner before, but never in front of the camera. This time, his owner takes out his phone and starts recording. After this video, you will probably change your opinion cats. Maybe you’ll even want to get one!