A woman goes on anti-Muslim tirade to Sikh politician – His response has Internet in stitches.

A Sikh Canadian politician’s response to a woman’s angry anti-Muslim tirade has just gone viral. Jagmeet Singh had the option of getting angry when an irate woman approached him during a “Jagmeet and greet.” She then proceeded to go on an anti-Muslim tirade. Singh, however, did not become upset. Instead, he did something that caught the angry woman off-guard. He encouraged the crowd of people to assist him in chanting the slogan for his campaign, the slogan is “love and courage.”

The woman uploaded her video on YouTube, so she could share her side of what happened during the meet and greet. The angry woman approached Singh in an aggressive manner during a meet and greet for his campaign. She was asking loud questions about the Muslim Brotherhood According to Vice News, her video was not as politically correct as people would hope for.

“Color, race, religion, they’re really not the point here,” the woman screams in the video as she maintains she isn’t racist. Jennifer Bush emerged from the crowd and interrupted the Canadian politician with her rant. As many news outlets point out, her biggest mistake is that Sikhism and Islam are two entirely different religions.

This tirade took place during a meet and greet in Brampton, Ontario. It was a chili Sept. 6 at the Professor’s Lake Community Center. Singh goes up to the front of the crowd and asks if they want him to project his voice or use a microphone. It is then that the woman emerges from the crowd and stands directly in front of him. Bush proceeds to go on an anti-Muslim rant after introducing herself to the politician. She claims she’s a woman’s advocate. Many people think that everything went downhill soon after she started talking.

The woman gets pretty obnoxious as she yells into the Canadian politician’s face. She mistakenly says: “We know you’re about Sharia Law. We know you’re about the Muslim Brotherhood. We know about your vote.” Bush says that she has tried to contact Singh, but he would never return her calls. Prompted by his unwillingness to give her a chance, she decides to crash this event and speak with him directly.

She would have the time and place to voice out her opinions. In a large part of the video, you can see the woman telling people not to touch her if they do she would call the police on them. “When is your Sharia going to end? At what point, when we’re throwing gays off rooftops?” She yells at the politician. This was totally uncalled for. Watch the video. Where do you stand?