Woman Leads Balky Horse To Creek. I Was Cracking Up When He Actually Went In The Water.


It’s funny how animals react to water, even those of the same species. One dog can run into a pool and swim around with joy while another might treat the pool like it is filled with molten lava and stay a minimum of 50 feet away. But sometimes those reticent animals can be coaxed into the water and they find that it’s actually quite enjoyable. Take a look at this video which starts a very funny equine and his rider.

We see Anna Paterek and her horse, Magic, riding along a creek in Kentucky. Paterek decides to try to Magic to go into the creek. First she tries to guide him while sitting in the saddle. Nope. He canters backward when they reach the edge of the water. Hmm. Her next tack is to try to lead him with his reins into the water. Nope. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him walk in it if he doesn’t want to… he’s a half-ton creature who has a mind of his own.

So… Paterek leads him to the water and gently starts splashing it with her boot. Hmmm. Color Magic interested. He bows his head down to watch what she’s doing. Wow! Very cool! Then he gingerly lifts one of his legs and smacks his hoof into the water. WHOA! It splashed! This is fun! More splashing! Within seconds, he is in the water and splashing up a storm, soaking Paterek in the process. Perhaps she regrets ever choice she made in this process…

No, just kidding. She’s laughing while Magic is splashing everything. He’s like a kid with a brand-new toy – he can’t get enough of this. The transformation from balky horse to near-frisky foal is amazing. They spend a minute or so in the creek and then she pats him on the neck, and the two of them exit the creek as the video ends. I can only assume that Paterek then goes to wash up and put dry clothes on.

Wasn’t Magic SO cute when he was splashing the water? I was laughing the whole time. How about you? Tell us all your thoughts in the comments section!

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