They wouldn’t give him their Wi-Fi password, so he broke their puppy’s neck


It’s hard to imagine someone intentionally harming an animal, especially a defenseless little puppy. But that’s what happened in Iowa recently. What’s even more shocking is what triggered the incident.

Christopher Vogel was visiting a friend in Des Moines. The 25 year-old wanted to do some internet surfing but the only wireless network available belonged to the neighbors. So Vogel went over to their apartment and asked for the network password. Reasonably enough, they didn’t want to give access to a perfect stranger, so they refused. At this point he should have said, “Thanks, anyway,” and gone back to his friend’s place. Instead, he grabbed their 12 week-old Corgi and broke the puppy’s neck. When animal control officers arrived on the scene, the pup was bleeding from its nose and gasping for breath. Unfortunately, the little dog subsequently died of its injuries.

As Des Moines police sergeant Ryan Doty said, “The dog had nothing to do with the argument, wasn’t aggressive toward him. I think that he did it just out of spite. It’s sickening that somebody would take their anger about a completely unrelated topic out on a defenseless animal” Vogel was on the run for about six weeks before the police finally took him into custody.

Tom Colvin, the executive director of the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, explained that under state law, the animal abuse charge Vogel faces is just a misdemeanor. He cites this case as a prime example of why animal cruelty laws need to be toughened-up. “We really have to ramp up how society views these types of senseless acts against animals, and start having felony charges for egregious acts against animals.”

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