1.8 pound special needs rescue dog barks like a duck

When Pipsqueak’s (Pip) foster mom decided to hand over her responsibilities to Kelsey, the dog weighed barely 1.8 pounds. She was in a particular need to rescue Yorkie and just had an estimated six more months to live. Pipsqueak came from a puppy mill raided by a rescue organization. They handed over the tiny dog to her foster parents.

However, soon Pipsqueak’s foster father had to undergo a lung transplant. Thus, they had to get the pets out of the home to allow the foster father a place to recover. Kelsey’s family had recently moved from Wisconsin to Indiana. She was contacted by Pipsqueak’s foster mother asking whether Kelsey could take in the special needs dog. Kelsey agreed and drove all the way back to Wisconsin.

Fostering Pip was supposed to be a temporary thing, and Kelsey’s family failed to foster the dog properly. They were planning to get another dog to keep Pip happy during the last few months of her life. Although she was given an estimated lifespan of six months, she was still with Kelsey and her family after eight years. Pip always let Kelsey know what she wanted and when she wanted it. Kelsey made sure that Pip always got whatever she wanted as a kind dog mom. However, she started peculiarly barking at them when they brought Pip home. This made Kelsey wonder if something was wrong with the animal.

Pip’s barking sounded more like a duck’s quacking. She used to bark differently during different situations. She had a unique barking style if she wanted to go outside and another barking type if she wished for her treat. Pip suffered health issues, which were mainly due to poor breeding. Pip started a chain of events in Kelsey’s life that they would never have expected. Since they had Pip, Kelsey adopted six more small dogs. These dogs either had behavioral issues, senior dogs, or special needs. Kelsey and her family used to sleep with six small dogs on the bed. They also had an entire wall where they had written all the different medications of the six dogs. Kelsey and her husband ensure that all the dogs get whatever they need.

Adopting Pip didn’t cost Kelsey any money. However, they spent nearly tens of thousands of dollars on taking care of the dog and her surgeries. The couple had no regrets about those expenses. Their house was just like a dog house. Pip would welcome the new member by snuggling with the animal whenever they brought in a new dog.

Pip changed everything for good for Kelsey and her family. During the first month of having Pip at home, Kelsey never slept for more than 15 minutes a night. She was perturbed about Pip. However, Pip was a fighter by nature and never gave up on anything. Even when Pip was tired, she would keep trying to do what she wanted to do.

Due to her small size, Kelsey had to make Pip weak guinea pig clothes during the winter because she used to get really cold. Kelsey had to use all the items made for dolls on Pip, including teeny tiny diapers. Pip loved having pickles and would often try and pull out the pickle from Kelsey’s mouth. Pip was thrilled with her life and inspired Kelsey in several ways.

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