1 Little Dog Gets A New Christmas Toy, And He Learned How To Use It By Himself! HILARIOUS!

Everyone loves playing fetch. Humans love throwing the ball as hard as they can, enjoying the spectacle of their four-legged friend sprinting with all of their might to get that bouncy ball as quickly as possible. But as much as humans love to play fetch, dogs definitely have a lot more fun than we do. Some say that dogs love the chase, and others think it’s the fact that they get to return the gift to their friends.

While no one knows for sure why dogs play this game so much, one thing is certain. They love it more than anything else in the whole world! But sometimes a human has to leave the house for a while. Whether it be for work or school, dogs all around America are often left to their own devices all day long. But one man came up with an invention that will leave his dog playing for as long as he wants.

One dad got the tools out and made this incredible device that throws a tennis ball whenever the dog puts it in. And after a little bit of training, this adorable dachshund figured out how to keep himself entertained all day, and he gets some great exercise too!

Our favorite moment is when the adorable little baby starts playing with the dog, setting up a never-ending attack of tennis balls. This dog is in heaven!  The device is very sensitive, and it looks like this inventor has set up several fail-safes that would shut off the device if it senses it could be pinching the dog. All this to ensure the dog’s safety so he can play in peace.

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