1 week old foal befriends a Shar-Pei

When a young foal and a shar-pei come head to head, initial awkwardness soon turns into a wholesome bond.

Having a bad day? A lot of us are. Fear not for here is the remedy to your ailments. This footage is the definition of inter-species harmony and affection.

The sun is out and a dog is standing around wildflowers in a blooming pasture. A 1 week-old foal walks up to him — its mother is in the background.

The foal looks funnily at the dog as if to wonder, ‘you look like a weird little thing’. The dog, a naughty little character, is looking for some fun and some mischief.

He bounces around the foal and baits him into the fun routine. But the foal, a profoundly scared creature at this point, gets confused and hides behind its mother.

Realizing that the dog is not a threat, he finally comes out and engages with the dog. As the two come head to head once again, camaraderie develops and fun ensues.

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1 week old foal befriends a Shar-Pei