1-Year-Old Caught Red-Handed Screams Back In Denial Until Hungry

One-year-old Lilyana from Jacksonville Florida was caught stealing Jude’s (the dog) food, but she is determined to deny everything no matter what happens.

This one-year-old from Jacksonville, Florida, doesn’t only deny taking her dog’s food but loses her cool, screaming back that she didn’t do it in frustration despite being caught red-handed. The only problem is, she’s too adorable to be angry at.

Lilyana is not owning up to taking her dog’s food, nor even playing in it. The more she is questioned, the angrier she gets, giving her parents a big dose of attitude but the funniest tantrum you’ve ever seen at the same time.

If you think straight-faced denial is funny, wait until you see this defiant one-year-old’s expressions and hand gestures. As she gets increasingly more frustrated, she gets funnier and funnier. Just wait until you see what stops her tantrum at last!