1-year-old takes hot-seat in delightful interview after twin siblings are born— and it’s hilariously cute

This story will really resonate with those who know what it’s like to be the first child, or indeed for parents who have to put up with the often hilarious and crazy attention seeking antics they get up to once there are new arrivals in the family. It can cause something of a chaotic household – and that is certainly the case here with 1-year-old toddler Julianna.

When Julianna’s mom and dad next gave birth to her twin sisters Miya and Kiera, the household was never going to be the same again. Julianna’s life was decidedly different all of a sudden, she’s going to have to get used to sharing the attention, and that’s something that can be pretty hard for someone so young. With that in mind, popular YouTuber Sean Cannel decided to interview Julianna to see how she was coping with it all.

Of course, it’s all done tongue firmly in cheek, as Julianna can’t quite respond to the increasingly challenging questions just yet, which is why Sean helps us out by adding subtitles – which makes for a hilarious watch! A particularly funny moment happens early on when Sean asks Julianna where she thinks the twins have come from. Whether she meant that answer or not – it’ll make you laugh out loud!

Sean grills Julianna about the trials and tribulations of being the first child, including an art therapy segment where he asks her to draw out exactly how she’s feeling at this stage. While a 17-month-old child isn’t really going to understand that task, it’s utterly hilarious when Julianna does what any child would do when handed a pen and paper – scribble all over it! Of course, this is comedy gold to Sean, psychoanalysing the baby based on what she’s drawn!

“Looking at this Julianna,” Sean comments on the messy lines Julianna presents him with; “I know exactly what you’re going through.”

The video is so well done to make it look like Julianna is giving believable answers to Sean’s interview, and she is adorably expressive in spite of her age. Don’t miss this hilarious video in the link below and share with your family and friends – especially if you know someone who will have gone through the trauma that Julianna is going through now! We totally get just how stressful her life has become vying for mom and dad’s attention over her twin sisters!