1-year old’s voice is funny as heck

Dad can’t stop laughing as his baby says “mama” in a strange voice that is cute as it is scary.

We all have precious memories of hearing our kids, nieces, and nephews, start talking. I bet none of them sounded like this baby though, whose crazy voice has everyone talking.

Like something out of a comedy, the cutie calls out “mama” in a bizarrely deep voice. His look of delight is so sweet!

And it’s obviously a bit of a shock for Dad too, as we see him fall into a fit of laughter over his son’s freaky voice who happily giggles along.

It would be a lot more frightening if the little scamp wasn’t so cute! He is clearly loving the attention and is more than happy to demonstrate his voice talent.

It sounds as if Mom and Dad have a little baritone on their hands. Perhaps we are looking at a future “deep voice” actor like James Earl Jones or maybe this little guy will be a famous singer someday. He already has millions of adoring fans — and you can count us in, too.

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1-year old’s voice is funny as heck