1-Year-Old Old Starts Dancing Salsa. But A Keep a Close Eye on His Feet when He Turns Around! Aww!

When the music starts, most of us just can’t stay put. We start moving and grooving to the beat. And this little baby in the video below is one of us. Isaac is only 15 months old, but when the music starts, you just can’t stop him. He is so enthusiastic when he does his little salsa, waving his arms around. He really brightened up my day.

His father is encouraging him from behind the camera, but it looks the little guy didn’t need any motivation at all! You are going to melt when you see this adorable baby dancing around. He seems really happy too! And what a contagious smile he has! If he keeps this up, I wouldn’t be surprised if he debuts on a Got Talent show in about 15 years’ time!

This baby has all the moves! He doesn’t just put his arms to work, his entire body is moving and grooving! He waves his arms, and then he turns in circles, but the best part is his feet. They are right in time with the music and moving so fast! I would never think a 15-month-old baby could do this. I think I might fall down if I tried to move that fast.

The best part comes at the end when dad says, “Put your butt into it!” LOL! And he does, but I guess he gets tired at the end and needs a little break. But that’s okay because his parents recorded the best part.

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