10 best songs by Loretta Lynn: The most awarded woman in country history

Loretta Lynn was the most awarded woman in country music. Millions of people spent decades singing along with her incredible songs, and while she recently passed, her legacy continues to live on forever.

Although she created dozens of fantastic songs, there are 10 that most people agree are simply the best of the best.

1. Lay Me Down

Lay Me Down, sung with Willie Nelson, was released in 2016, much to the excitement of her lifelong fans!

Although it didn’t top the charts like many of her other tunes, Lay Me Down is a beautiful song that you can’t help but love to listen to.

2. As Soon As I Hang Up the Phone

Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty’s duo continued to wow their listeners with As Soon As I Hang Up the Phone.

The song was the duo’s 4th #1 hit on the charts and was a spoken word and sung duet that really tugged on the heartstrings.

3. Coal Miner’s Daughter

In 1970, Lynn released the song that told her life’s story in a catchy tune that everybody loved!

To this day, Coal Miner’s Daughter is considered the singer’s signature song, and many would say it was the best she ever wrote.

4. I’m A Honky Tonk Girl

As Lynn’s first-ever single, I’m a Honky Tonk Girl, was released in 1960 with wild success as it immediately made it to the #14 spot on the US country chart.

Loretta wrote the sassy song herself, and the lyrics, along with the Appalachian twang in her voice, made for great music and showcased her engaging personality.

5. Blue Kentucky Girl

In 1964, Loretta released Blue Kentucky Girl, which landed at #7 on the Billboard charts in no time at all. While she didn’t write the song herself, Lynn completely embodied the romantic lyrics and honesty within the song itself.

To this day, Blue Kentucky Girls is one of Lynn’s fans’ absolute favorite songs.

6. Louisanna Woman, Mississippi Man

Along with a few of her other songs, Lynn sang about love in this ballad of long-distance romance.

When the song was released in 1973, fans were obsessed. It immediately reached the #1 spot and stayed on the charts for 13 weeks!

7. You Ain’t Woman Enough To Take My Man

Written and released in 1966, this song was Loretta’s best-performing song to date and has since been beloved for over 50 years.

Although Loretta Lynn was known for her sweet voice and fun songs, she also is certainly not one to be messed with! And You Ain’t Woman Enough To Take My Man made that incredibly clear.

8. Lead Me On

Written and sung with Conway Twitty, Lead Me On was an immediate hit that made it to #1 on the charts and stayed there for 15 weeks.

Its wild success made Twitty-Lynn’s duo creation almost as popular as Loretta’s solo songs!

9. Don’t Come Home A-Drinkin’

As Loretta’s first #1 hit in 1966, no one could get enough of Don’t Come Home A Drinkin!

This song is not only extremely catchy, but it also has great lyrics about a topic that almost all women could agree on: That husbands shouldn’t expect any love if they come home smelling like the bottom of the bottle!

10. Fist City

Of all Lynn’s songs, Fist City is undoubtedly the feistiest (which is saying something!) With its release in 1968, Fist City landed at the top of the charts and quickly became a fan favorite.

If you loved to sing along to Fist City, do yourself a favor and go put it on right now!

With 24 #1 singles and 45 million singles sold, these are just 10 of Loretta Lynn’s most memorable songs! There are so many more to love.

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10 best songs by Loretta Lynn: The most awarded woman in country history