10 Labrador Puppies Are Having Their First Meal

The video below features ten Labrador puppies eating their solid food for the first time. The owners of these 4-week-old cuties, the Freeer family, began the process of weaning them off their mother’s milk. They put them each in front of their own plate and it doesn’t take the puppies long to gulp down all the food. But the most fascinating thing about these pups is that they have better manners than most kids. They are all just so adorable!

According to their master, “You start feeding them around four weeks when it’s a large litter to help the mother, but they still drink the mother’s milk.”

The Freeers plans to keep just one pup and the rest will be adopted. As they shared on YouTube, “We kept one, and my daughter has called it Poppy. They’re gorgeous. Trouble is you don’t like getting rid of them. You want to keep them all.”

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