10 Lost Chicks Got Inside Their Backyard. Don’t Miss What The Dog Did! WOW

The story we’ve featured for you today is definitely one of the cutest! I love baby animals hanging out with animals of other species, because they’re always confused as to what to do with the cute tiny little things. The man in the video was certainly shocked himself, for sure! When he went to see how his dog Bailey was doing outside, he found something that no one saw coming.

Bailey, the loyal companion of the man in the video, is a half coyote, half Golden retriever pup, and he seems as nice as any Golden you’ve ever seen. His dad found him laying around and playing with a bunch of baby chicks! That’s right, 10 chicks were hanging out with the big dog, and the mama hen was nowhere to be found!

As he says in the video right below, the chicks just showed up in his backyard one day, and though their mother was nowhere to be found, he relaxed as he could see that the chicks were not newborn, just tiny. What’s best of all of this is Bailey’s reaction, as he’s adopted the whole family of chicks instead of chasing them or scaring them off. He’s a real sweetheart!

Watch this adorable animal family in the clip right below!

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