10-year-old takes stage to give chilling audition – jaws drop seconds into performance

Talent show ‘The Voice’ has produced some incredible performances since it first aired on our screens back in 2011. The format has been a worldwide hit, showing across the globe and discovering some amazing talent in the process. The kids’ version is clearly no exception!

Alexa was just 10-years-old when she took the mic on the stage of the Australian variant of the show and sang a blistering rendition of Alicia Keys’ smash hit “Girl on Fire.” This little girl certainly was on fire and had all four judges hitting their big red buzzers to signal they wanted to support her.

The youngster, hailing from Brisbane in Queensland, didn’t look at all nervous as she belted out the pop super tune, although afterwards, she admitted to feeling a bit overwhelmed. “I see you guys on TV,” she said to the panel of judges, “and now I’m actually here!” She could scarce believe what was happening – especially after each judge turned around during her rendition – the dream of every Voice contestant!

“You’ve got that star quality,” chimes Mel B, and the former Spice Girl knows a thing or two about stardom! But it’s the Alexa show today, and the 4th grader is a delight when interviewed by the beaming panel. And Alex doesn’t stop there, telling them and the amazed audience that she also studies many different forms of dance. This little starlet is clearly wanting to go places that’s for sure!

The pint-sized pop princess wannabe then turns her attention to asking Delta Goodrem about the first time she ever sang. Clearly, Alexa is infatuated with the Australian singer, which is backed up by her mom’s comments offstage. And speaking of her mom, she’s bursting with pride as her daughter nails her voice audition and then shines afterwards in the interview. We think she’s going to need to get used to this kind of attention!

And then comes the moment of truth when little Alexa has to choose who she will be coached by – and was there ever going to be any doubt?! With little hesitation, she jumps right for Delta much to the delight of the cheering audience. Alexa then launches herself into the pop star’s arms, the pair beaming from ear to ear. This is one day Alexa will never, ever forget! Check out the video below of her awesome performance and listen to her amazing vocals for yourself!