10-Year-Old Violinist Performs ‘Silent Night’ With Mother & Brother In An Act That’ll Make You Cry

‘Silent Night’ by Karolina Protsenko

‘Silent Night’ by Karolina ProtsenkoRenowned YouTuber and classical artist Karolina Protsenko have put together a rendition of ‘Silent Night’ that inspires festive joy and a spirit of togetherness. Young Carolina delivers a masterful violin solo while her mother plays piano. This mother-daughter duo has the most heart-warming Christmas songs, with this beautiful rendition bringing in the help of her little brother toward the end.

The sight and sound of Ella playing the piano with her little one on her lap are the perfect accompaniment to this touching performance from Karolina. This is a musical family whose warmth and love for each other can be clearly felt through each note of their open expression. Even Leo looks overjoyed at every moment.

Karolina Protsenko, Mom and Leo come together to create a spellbinding performance of one of the world’s most loved Christmas carols. ‘Silent Night’ plays out as a classical arrangement that showcases this young violinist’s talent and ability to produce captivating music time and time again. Let the Protsenko family help you set the right tone for a fun-filled holiday season.

10-Year-Old Violinist Performs \'Silent Night\' With Mother & Brother In An Act That’ll Make You Cry