10-yr-old goes into a guitar shop, jaws drop everywhere when he belts out a Sam Cooke classic

Sam Cooke, the American singer songwriter is better known for songs like “You Send Me”, “Wonderful World” and “Twistin the Night Away” but one of his compositions may not be quite so familiar to you. “Just Another Day” is a classic blues song that is rarely heard outside the arena of the blues world today, yet it remains one of his finest works.

Cooke died on the 11th of December 1964 and left behind a legacy of work that is still relevant today. To some he was an inspiration and a musical genius, “Allmusic” Biographer “Bruce Eder” once wrote that Cooke was “The inventor of Soul music” and possessed “an incredible natural singing voice and a smooth, effortless delivery that has never been surpassed”. Sam Cooke died way too young, who knows what he could have written should he have lived?

There are many talented artists in the world today, some we all know, some are just starting on their musical journeys and others just entertain themselves for their own pleasure. The owner of New York’s “Chelsea Guitars” shop, was so surprised by a young talented singer that he just had the capture this impromptu performance in his shop.

10 year old Brendan MacFarlane and his dad were visiting the shop when Brendan, Accompanied on guitar by his dad, started singing “Just another Day”. The owner of the shop interrupted and said to young Brendan, “Stop right there, I’ve got to record this to show all my friends” then once he was recording Brendan again started the song that just blew every one there away.

When the first two lines came “Just another day that my lord, my lord has kept me, yes it is” the jaws of the customers in the shop just dropped. Brendan, obviously enjoying himself, has the voice of someone a lot older, but what was more incredible was that this 10-year-old had a natural feeling for the blues that much older singers just can’t find. The range that this young man has is just amazing and as you watch the clip you will find yourself in awe of his talent.

“Son, that was smoken good” said the owner of the shop as young Brendan finished the song, “I don’t say that lightly. You’ve got a smoken good voice” Click on the link below to witness the incredible talent of a young man that could go places if he decided to pursue his singing career.

Let’s just hope that “Brendan MacFarlane” is a name that we will hear a lot more of in years to come as he matures and hones his skills. Some people are lucky enough to be born with natural talent, this lad is right up there with the best of them.