100 Horses Were On The Brink Of Death, Then These 7 Brave Women Risked Their Lives To Save Them

It is often impossible to foresee disaster. More often than not, it comes out of the blue, takes everyone by surprise and throws everyone’s plans into disarray. Just how can you determine whether slight showers will turn into a raging storm capable of bringing destruction to life and property? Your guess is as good as mine, you simply can’t. All you can hope for is that it doesn’t bring forth damning effects to you and your loved ones and if it does, then you can salvage as much as you can.

Such was the case in Marrum Netherlands back in 2006. What was a fairly normal day suddenly turned to be one where nature’s forces almost turned it into one of gloom but for the selflessness, courage and bravery of 7 women. The clouds opened up, there was heavy downpour and a herd of horses bore the brunt of Mother Nature’s dark side- its wrath. As a result of the storm, nearly 100 horses were stranded on a small piece of land that was surrounded with water rendering them helpless. From their behavior, you can see that they were too scared to go into the water. The water had risen to such high levels that the lowland knoll became an island. On which they stayed for three days without any food or clean water. These harsh conditions took a toll on 19 of them and they eventually succumbed. Rescuers knew they had to act swiftly if they were to save any.

On the third day, just as Marrum was on the brink of experiencing another storm, some female horse riders dubbed the Netherlands Horse Rescue risked it all to save the surviving horses. Knowing too well that they only had a small time frame to rescue them, they acted hastily but carefully and were able to save them all-literally putting their lives on the line for the horse’s sake. What an incredible rescue it was.

The charging of horses as they waded through the waters was not only an emotional sight to behold but a breath-taking one too. What a brave act pulled off by these brave women. Watch the video, share it with your friends, have them know that a little bravery yields great results and share your comments below.