100 Hour Ordeal For Stranded Kitten Trapped In Storm Drain! What’s Her Fate??

June 28th saw a little kitten get into quite a jam in Corona, sunny California. Found in the bumper of a van, many helping hands got together to rescue her from bumper. Startled, the little kitten jumped away and managed to land on a storm drain gate. The bad part of this story is when she fell into a seven foot hole.

The good Samaritans tried to coax her out but it was tough and the Fire Department as well as Animal Control were called to the scene. Sadly, the public were informed that not much could be done.

David Loop and other volunteers from Sierra Pacific Furbabies, located in Mira Loma, California rushed to the rescue when they were alerted about the kitten’s predicament. All efforts were made to get the stranded kitten to safety but amidst all the confusion, the kitten retreated into another pipe which was only two feet in diameter.

They tried all the tricks in the book – from enticing her with sardines and using traps to going the modern route and using a radio controlled car inserted from a manhole 350 feet away to get her to move to the other end of the pipe where a trap awaited. Nothing really worked.

Four days passed with no success. The tiny feline creature was still trapped and none of the rescue team’s ploys seemed to be working. By the time Saturday rolled around, they knew they just HAD to get her out. Just when all seemed to be losing hope, Megan Welch came to the rescue! This energetic and young animal rescuer was nimble and her frame could fit into the small pipe to coax the kitten to come out.

Spending 96 hours in a storm drain was probably a very harrowing experience for the little fur baby and was frightened when it was pulled to safety. However, when showered with love and comfort, she even allowed her rescuer to pet her! Megan adopted the kitten and named her Cali. She now purrs and cuddles with her human rescuers, safe and warm.

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