100 songs every ’70s kid grew up listening to

Many modern songs are created partially (or entirely) using computers. Remember when music contained real instruments? If so, you’re sure to love this 70s playlist!

It’s a blast to the past, a better time when the top 40 lineups consisted of more than one genre of music. You’ll surely remember most of these tunes from this iconic era in musical history, from rock legends and pop stars to folk singers and disco groups.

This playlist of 100 songs doesn’t just include music from the US; it has music from artists around the globe! Well-known American acts like the Jackson 5, famous English groups like Slade, and international stars such as ABBA have all earned a spot on this list of timeless classics.

If you enjoy rock music, you’ll probably recognize the music of Supertramp, Neil Diamond, King Harvest, and Queen! Prefer disco? Then you’ll definitely remember these songs from Santa Esmeralda, the Bee Gees, and Donna Summer.

Of course, disco and rock music only make up part of this playlist. Country artists like Glen Campbell, folk musicians like Simon & Garfunkel, and even reggae artists (such as Johnny Nash) add a lot of variety to this collection.

No matter which genre you prefer, you’re sure to recognize many classic hits! The 70s were a great time for musical diversity; as such, this playlist contains the favorite hits of nearly any music fan.

Whether you just want to remember the artists you’ve forgotten or are trying to show someone what “real” music is, the song you’ve been searching for is just a click away. The 70s may have gone by, but these timeless tunes will surely live on throughout the ages!

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100 songs every \'70s kid grew up listening to