100 Years of Family Dinners in Just Under 3 Minutes … Which One is Your Favorite?

A lot can change in 100 years, and family dinners are no exception!

Having dinner together as a family at least four times a week has positive effects on child development. Family dinners have been linked to a lower risk of obesity, substance abuse, eating disorders, and an increased chance of graduating from high school.

Eating dinner together as a family provides the opportunity for conversation. This lets parents teach healthy communication without distractions from smart phones, television, computers, and mobile devices.

Food is such an important part of our culture.

It’s interesting to see how specific dishes align with certain decades — like the fondue craze of the 60’s and 70’s, to the kale takeover of 2015.

In the clip from Mode, you’ll see 100 years of family dinners, and how they’ve changed from decade to decade. We definitely got a kick out of seeing the older dishes, like the creamed chipped beef of 1935.

Creamed Chipped Beef is a classic American dish that originated around WWII. It was (and is) an easy recipe to make, consisting of only five ingredients, and it was perfect for the times because it called for dried beef, so soldiers didn’t have to worry about it spoiling.

The chipped beef is cooked in a sauce that’s similar to béchamel and they each get something from the other–the salty meat flavors the sauce and the sauce gives moisture and creaminess to the meat. The perfect relationship. Creamed chipped beef is an American classic, and absolutely worth making from scratch!

What do you think of the changes that occurred in family dinners over the course of the years? Which dinner is your favorite? Use the comments section below and share your thoughts. We’d love to hear from you!

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