101-Year-Old Grandmother Plays In The Snow And Look How Happy She Is

This man’s mom is 101 years young and this son knows how important it is to treasure every moment possible with his mom. Armand and his mom were experiencing rain at their house and knew snow was just a bit further up in the mountains, so off they went to investigate. They drove about three miles and he had to stop the car to turn around in the snow to go back home, but before he got a chance to take off again, the car door flew open and out steps Mom into the snow. He had a camera close by and knew this was one of those moments that needed to be captured. I’m so glad he did, because it really put a smile on my face!

To watch her play in the snow is like turning the clock back over a half a century, as this fun loving great grandmother bends down and makes the perfect snowball and throws it in the air just like she might have done as a little girl. The smile on her face, and her laughter and enthusiasm is contagious as she reminds us all take the time to stop and enjoy the season. What a fun loving woman, and son to realize how special his mother is! Now if only she’d had a pair of gloves, this trip would have been perfect. I think she was ready to make a snowman.

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