101-Year-Old Mom Wants Out Of The Car Immediately. Son Records Footage That Has Everyone Talking

Grandma stops car to play in snowHe was driving with his mother (who is 101 years old) and he stopped the car to turn around. That’s when her car door flew open, and out she walked in the snow.

Her son, Armand had his phone close by and was not about to pass up this chance, and thankfully he captured this moment forever.

Grandma stops car to make snowball

It was like time turned back more than half a century as this fun-loving great-grandma bent down and immediately packed the perfect snowball and threw it in the air just like she might have done as a little girl.

Her laugh and spirit are infectious as she reminds us all to stop and appreciate the season. What a fun loving woman and what a beautiful son to realize how special his mother is.

When you are a child, you are interested in everything, you want to learn the things, why do they work and how and want to grow up so you can know things that you don’t understand.

When you are an adult, you tend to think, that you know how things work and you don’t care about simple things, because life gives you more complicated tasks.

Speaking from experience, when you grow older, you start to value the little things when every day you live is a gift. It’s that time that your inner child of you awakens so you can experience the simple once again, all those things we thought we had long forgotten, but were always there, waiting for moments like this.

This honestly is such a happy video, brought a tear to my eye, and he is such a good son to understand and enjoy moments like this with her, just as I’m sure she was there for his first snowfall.

Watch and share this moment with your friends. It’s times like this that remind us to relish and enjoy the simpler things in life.