105 year-old meets 5 day-old great-grandson: not a dry eye anywhere

Few people live to the incredibly ripe old age of 105, but Pop Zwolak of California was one of those lucky few. To give you some idea of how long a life that is, consider that when he was born, in 1912, William Howard Taft was president, traffic jams involved horses, and beer still cost a nickel. Growing old has its aches, pains, and heartbreak, too, but one benefit is that you get to enjoy time with the grandchildren.

Pop Zwolak’s reward for making it to 105 was getting to meet his first great-grandchild Easton: “On Sunday April 2, our 5 day old son Easton met his 105 year-old great-grandfather, Pop for the first time. None of us realized that we would be capturing one of the sweetest moments we’d ever seen. The joy on Pop’s face is something we won’t soon forget. We wanted to share this moment as it truly was amazing.”

Pop was nervous about holding his great-grandson at first; he was afraid he’d drop him. But after some encouragement from his granddaughter Susan, the little boy was soon in his arms. Pop was clearly overcome with emotion while he cradled and nuzzled 5 day-old Easton. The baby was also happy to be in his great-grandfather’s arms — as you’ll see in the video posted below, it’s really wonderful the way the two of them bonded so quickly. It’s as if Easton instinctively knew that the old man was someone very special.

In fact, Easton made it very clear. When his mom took him back, he started squirming and crying! So, Susan and her husband have begun visiting Pop several times a week and, of course, they bring Easton along.
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