A Star Is Born: 11-Year-Old Street Musician Stuns Crowd with Her Unique Voice

I’ve seen all sorts of people get fame on the Internet because of what they do. Every person has his or her favorites, but I would have to say mine are singers.

Music is something I have always enjoyed, and singers particularly have always intrigued me. It’s funny how even though we all have the same muscles and body parts; some people have been blessed with better vocal chords than the rest. Take for instance this 11-year-old singer.

Meet Allie Sherlock. You’re about to hear her cover Adele’s “Can’t Let Go” and her voice is absolutely stunning and her guitar skills are fantabulous! This is pure talent, ladies and gentleman.

She starts playing on a busy city street and as she sings, the crowd gathers. People around her stop and head her way as soon as they listen to her. Witness the birth of a star!

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