11-Year-Old Delivers Heavenly Rendition of ‘O Holy Night’ That Will Leave You Breathless

Amira Willighagen sings O Holy NightThe name “Amira Willighagen” may not be a household name yet but it soon will be. The amazing young Dutch Soprano has the voice of an angel and the angelic looks to go with it.

This young lady, who from all accounts has had no formal training, is bursting with a talent so natural that it will leave you breathless.

Amira Willighagen sings O Holy NightAmira, the pocket dynamo with the dynamic voice first came to attention in 2013, when she contested, and won, “Holland’s Got Talent” performing “Nessun Dorma” from Puccini’s opera “Turandot”.

Her audition piece another Puccini composition “O Mio Babino Caro” was so popular on YouTube that has received over 36-million views as of June 2015, now that’s amazing.

In 2014 she recorded her debut album “Amira” which reached gold status in her home county within two weeks of its release. The album contains 10-songs including the ones she performed on “Holland’s Got Talent”.

She then performed live with conductor “Andre Rieu” for his album “Love in Venice” after one of the members of his orchestra saw her on YouTube. Amira’s first international appearance was in Somerset West, South Africa before performing in Las Vegas as part of her prize from the television program.

But apart from her obvious talents, there is much more to this inspirational young lady. Her website states that half the income from performances and album sales goes to her own charity that she has set up called the “Willighagen’s Gelukskinders” foundation, to build playgrounds for poor children.

March of 2014 saw Amira open her first playground in Ikageng, a little town near Potchefstroom, in South Africa. The foundation’s second playground was opened on August the 1st 2016, and she had plans to open a third before the end of the year. That’s quite a public accomplishment for such a young person.

In November 2014 she received the “International Giuseppe Sciacca Award” and released her second album “Merry Christmas” containing a host of well-known Christmas carols as well as popular arias.

The clip below shows you Amira singing “O Holy Night” in front of the assembly of a church in “Nijamen”. When this was recorded she was still only 11-years-old but with the demure and vocal ability of someone much her senior.

This young lady, who from all accounts has had no formal training, is bursting with a talent so natural that it will leave you breathless. Her composure whilst performing in front of hundreds of people will stun you as will her voice control and perfect pitch.

She reaches the high notes in the climax of the song with effortless ease and holds the audience captured right up until the final bar is finished.

Watch the video below and be one of the millions of people around the world to experience and enjoy the gift of the remarkable 11-year-old-soprano, truly a superstar waiting in the wings of the world stage for her moment of triumph.