12-Day-Old Pink Bellied Bulldog Is TIRED! The Precious Dreams of An Innocent Young Pup!

There are fewer things are cuter than newborn puppies. One of those is when you show sleeping newborn puppies. Oh. Wow. Yes, these videos should be regulated as a narcotic. I watched this five times in a row and STILL craved more. How would they do this though?

This video is simple – it’s nearly 45 seconds of a sleeping bulldog puppy that was born 12 days ago. It’s on its back and he is clearly dreaming. He snorts, whimpers, kicks his legs in the air and sighs. I’m not going to lie – someone could change this to 45 hours of this same puppy sleeping and I would not bat an eye. It’s much better than those 10-hour videos of things like Justin Bieber’s character being shot on a TV show.

Why do we love it so much? It shows the ultimate in innocence and vulnerability. This puppy just came into the world less than two weeks ago. We want to climb into that video and cuddle with jhim, don’t we? I know that I did. Aww. Sweet puppy. He’s probably barely bigger than a loaf of bread. Whoever got to take care of him is a lucky puppy.

To tell you the truth, if someone wanted to take Animal Planet’s “Too Cute” show and just make it a 24-hour channel, I would be one of the first subscribers. No, actually, I would want to run it myself.