12 Horses Get In A Straight Line And Wait. When A Man Does THIS? Incredible…

Lorenzo is one of the only people on Earth who can honestly call himself a horse whisperer. Since he was very little, he was very devoted to horses and farm life, and he wanted to live his entire life with this amazing and beautiful creatures, and he has since dedicated his life to training and understanding horses and performing with them.

Lorenzo has done A-class shows for countless spectators of all ages and levels, and he along with his crew of 18 horses put on the most spectacular man-horse show you could ever imagine. It’s hard to put in words how a man can perform with so many horses at the same time, but when you watch the video yourself, you’ll see just what I’m talking about.

The key to Lorenzo’s breathtaking performance is confidence and trust. Some people mistakenly believe that the trick to doing amazing things with horses is training them by force and controlling everything they do, but Lorenzo proves it’s the opposite. Letting the horses be free and trusting them to follow you instead of obeying you can achieve wonderful things.

See all of Lorenzo’s incredible act with horses in the stunning video right below.

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