12 Siblings Dazzle Judges With Eye-Popping Irish Dance Routine Far Beyond Their Years

Siblings on stageIt’s always a joy to see siblings performing together, especially when they demonstrate a strong connection with each other. And that is what we are treated to with this remarkable, talented family.

The Willis family includes twelve children, and together they have formed their own troop of Irish dancers.

Siblings on stage, finaleAlong with their skillful dancing, members of the family also provide their own musical backing with a variety of instruments including drums, the violin, and the guitar. The family dance troop competed at the United Country Western Dance Council (UCWDC) World Championships in 2016 and totally amazed the audience.

You can tell from this video that the youngsters put in an immense amount of practice to achieve this superb performance, you couldn’t fault them. It was an enthralling dance, easily up with the best of any Irish dancing I have ever seen. The complicated footwork was all perfectly synchronized and delivered with amazing precision.

At first, they danced in groups and then split up to deliver one stunning solo after another, until the end when the whole troop came together to perform their finale with polished professionalism beyond their years.

What was more amazing, was that several of the dancers were very young, and yet these children were still able to dance in unison with their older siblings. These parents have done a wonderful job with their children and they must be very proud of their accomplishment.

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12 Siblings Dazzle Judges With Eye-Popping Irish Dance Routine Far Beyond Their Years